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Photo: Erin Beach
A few things about me...

I love people-watching, New England autumns, the sound of the cello, the feel of crisp, clean sheets, and the smell of an impending rainstorm.

Growing up, I wanted to be a carpenter, an architect, and a gymnast - then studied computer science in college. My favorite classes in grad school were sailing, Italian, and Latin dance. I was once a salsa dancer in NYC.

I have four sisters. I'm #2.

I've lived in Korea, IL, MO, NH, NJ, RI, WA, MA, NY, Paris, and CA. I've always loved the adventure of discovering new places.

I married my best friend and the kindest person I know in 2005 on a tiny island off the coast of Tuscany. We laugh a lot together.

I love to travel. My favorite travel partner has always been my husband, and we love finding out-of-the-way places where nobody speaks English. Some of my favorite destinations have been San Gimignano, Green Island, Capraia, and the south of France.

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